The last show for 2019 on Facebook Live!
November 22, 2019

We recently found out that Rachel will have to undergo a major surgery on December 2nd and is going to have a 6-12 week recovery. This also means that our ability of having kids naturally will no longer be an option for us, so lots of real life tough stuff here.😢 For those of you who don’t know, Rach has stage 4 endometriosis and it has grown & spread so much that it’s affecting a lot of her major organs. Anyone who came out to a show this past summer would have never suspected that she was in as much pain as she was because she’s a master at toughing it out for the sake of the music… There were quite a few shows where she was backstage, laying in a fetal position, in screaming pain, not sure she could make it to the stage, but she did. As heartbreaking as it is, we know this is not a way for her to live, so we are hopeful that the surgery will finally bring her the relief she’s needed for far too long now. And since we will be unable to perform after the surgery until she makes a full recovery, we’ve decided to play one more show for 2019 that ANYONE can attend! So, we’re going to host it on Facebook Live next Friday, Nov. 22nd at 8pm CT (6PT, 9ET). This show is 100% free, but it will also double as a benefit to help offset the massive expense of both the surgery and recovery, so there will be a virtual tip jar ( on the live stream for anyone who would like to contribute. Regardless, we’d love to invite y’all to join us for our final show of this crazy year and help us celebrate life through songs. 

The live stream will be here: